Reza Sheikholeslami

A Passionate Pursuit of Excellence

"We are either getting better, or we’re getting worse."

With this mantra guiding his every step, Reza Sheikholeslami has consistently charted a path of growth and evolution. Arriving in the UK in 2000 with aspirations for higher education, Reza found himself enamored with the rich tapestry of cultures and opportunities the land offered. He chose to make it his home, weaving his own story into its vibrant mosaic.

Reza's professional journey reflects his tenacious spirit. With extensive experience in Business Management, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain, he has always been on the frontier of pushing boundaries, forever seeking happiness and a life that surpasses the ordinary.

Yet, it's his passion for travel that truly broadened his horizons. Journeying across continents, Reza immersed himself in the world's diverse cultures. He observed how nations fervently celebrated their ancestral roots, traditions, and cultural beverages. Whether it was the Italians cherishing their Grappa and Limoncello, the Mexicans their Tequila, or the French their Cognac, he witnessed the global love these spirits commanded.

This observation sparked a poignant question in Reza's mind, "Why haven’t we?" This introspection led to a deeper exploration of his own roots and the treasures it held. With a blend of his global experiences and his innate drive for excellence, Reza is on a mission to share and celebrate the rich legacies of his own heritage with the world.